​MasterCem SW 4300 Series - High Performance Cement Additive to Improve Grinding Efficiency and Inhibit Pack Set of Cement

How does MasterCem SW 4300 work?

MasterCem SW 4300 is formulated for demanding cement quality requirement in strength, workability and consistency.

MasterCem SW 4300 is a modified lignin-base liquid mixture. Its technology allows better cement hydration and cement workability to provide the quality performance equal or better than Ordinary Portland Cement.

MasterCem SW 4300 is compatible with all types of cement. It complies with ASTM C465-85 as a nonharmful processing additive.

Fields of Application

  • Ordinary Portland cement with minimum 5% limestone addition.
  • Blended cement with limestone, fly ash or slag.

MasterCem SW 4300 applications mainly depend on the blended cements materials composition and quality performance criteria. Therefore, initial laboratory trial is recommended in order to achieve the optimum results. 

For additional information on MasterCem SW 4300 and its use in developing special performance characteristics, contact your local BASF Construction Chemicals Sales field representative.

How can you benefit from MasterCem GA 1310?

  • Increased cement mill output at the same cement fineness between 6% and 20%.

  • Reduced total cement production by reducing grinding costs per ton of cement and replacing clinker with other fillers.

  • Increased early and late strength of cement ranging between 10% and 50% depending on cement composition.

  • Improved cement and concrete workability and flowability


MasterCem SW 4300: Technical Data Sheet

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