​MasterEase 3029 - High performance superplasticizer and water reducer

How does MasterEase 3029 works?

The MasterEase 3029 is a superplasticizer, high range water reducer from recent research work of R&D laboratories of BASF's Master Builders Solutions. The MasterEase 3029 is designed to impart exceptional rheological properties to fresh concrete. It improves considerably the placing and finishing of concretes and enhances the ease of concrete pumping for all construction activities. 

What makes MasterEase 3029 an unique solution?

The MasterEase 3029 is based on an innovative polymer chemistry and it is patented by BASF.

Its action differs from traditional superplasticizer, in that the adsorption of polymers of MasterEase 3029 on binder particles is provided by a flexible chemical bond which does not impede the flow of concretes. This innovation significantly improves rheological behaviour of concretes treated by MasterEase 3029, they have a low yield stress, low viscosity with additional feature of long workability retention.

How can you benefit from MasterEase 3029?

The MasterEase 3029 is recommended for the production of concrete requiring low viscosity, long workability retention and high compressive strength.

The MasterEase 3029 is specially formulated for the concrete industry for applications in the general civil and building sites. It can also be used for the realization and achievement of the following:

  • Concrete complying to EN206-1 / CN

  • Precast and Site Mix concretes

  • Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC)

  • Reduction of concrete waste

  • Ease of compacting and finishing concrete

  • High performance and ultra-high strength concrete

  • Concrete for low environmental impact and high in SCM (Supplementary Cementitious Materials) additions

  • Architectural concrete


MasterEase 3029: Technical Data Sheet

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