​MasterEmaco N 5100 - Cementitious polymer modified thin layer fairing mortar

How does MasterEmaco N 5100 work?

MasterEmaco N 5100 is especially suitable for evelling uneven surfaces, filling honeycombs and pin holes. It can be used as a topping (render) of up to 3mm thick to face up masonry. It is an ideal substrate for coatings and as a thin bed mortar for the placement of lightweight blocks, insulation boards and hollow masonry units (HMU).

MasterEmaco N 5100 is also ideal for thin resurfacing of damaged concrete surfaces, such as in rain damaged slabs and for use in non-moving crack repairs.

What makes MasterEmaco N 5100 a unique solution?

Fairing mortar gives off-form concrete finish with a trowel and copes with unevenness and blow holes.

How can you benefit from MasterEmaco N 5100?

  • Smooth final surface - Good as a base layer for coatings and panels
  • Smooth silky texture - Quick and easy to apply
  • Excellent bonding - moves with the thermal movements of the structure
  • Very durable - suitable for exposed use
  • Shrinkage compensated - resists cracking
  • Feather edging possible - thin layer patches and re-profiles
  • High early strength - Water and weatherproof even in the first few hours

Well mixed MasterEmaco N 5100 yields a plastic, thixotropic mortar that is easily applied on vertical surfaces or overhead. The very fine polymers have excellent adhesion to the substrate and improve the water retention thus preventing the formation of cracks. After curing, MasterEmaco N 5100 is waterproof and resistant to weather and frost.


Technical Data Sheet MasterEmaco N 5100

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