​​​MasterFinish 380 - Surface retarder for horizontal exposed aggregate concrete surfaces

How does MasteFinish 380 work?

MasterFinish 380 is a water based chemical retarder used to expose the aggregate in horizontal concrete surfaces. MasterFinish 380 delays the set of the mortar paste on the surface to a controlled depth. MasterFinish 380 does not kill the set of the main concrete. The retarded mortar paste may be removed by washing and brushing after the set of the concrete to expose the aggregate.

MasterFinish 380 is ideal for the production of exposed aggregate architectural finishes on horizontal surfaces or on pre-cast panels produced in a horizontal plane. MasterFinish 380 may also be used on concrete slabs prior to the granolithic application of a screed or thick layer surface topping.​ MasterFinish 380 is ideally suited for exposing aggregate on horizontal 'kicker' and construction joints thus ensuring good bonding of the fresh concrete, eliminating the requirement for mechanical preparation of these surfaces.

What makes MasterFinish 380 a unique solution?

Water based surface retarder for decorative exposed aggregate flat work with controlled penetration depth to give even appearance.

How can you benefit from MasterFinish 380?

  • Controlled retardation of concrete surface -Produces consistent textured and attractive exposed aggregate surface
  • Easy to use – simple spray application
  • Economic – only 250ml per square meter
  • Consistent exposed aggregate surface - improved bond of fresh concrete to exposed surfaces
  • Controlled retardation of surface set – no residual retardation to interfere with subsequent toppings or concrete pours
  • Water based – simple clean up


MasterFinish 380: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (150.71 Kb)