MasterFlow 9500 – ultra-high strength grout for offshore wind turbine foundations.

Where and how does MasterFlow 9500 work?

Wind turbines are special – their safe and durable installation largely depends on the correct design and interaction of all components – and require a high performance MasterFlow Exagrout to guarantee long term and maintenance free operation of the wind farm. MasterFlow 9500 is a new generation of ultra-high strength, high modulus, fatigue resistant grout for grouted connections used in offshore installations like monopile / transition piece foundations, jackets, tripods and tripiles or gravity based concrete foundations.

What makes MasterFlow 9500 a unique solution?

MasterFlow 9500 exhibits long term durability and guarantees a fast, secure and cost effective installation of the offshore wind farm. High early and final strength, and excellent fatigue resistance makes this material uniquely suitable for structures that are exposed to very high dynamic loads, e.g. high wave actions and wind loads in offshore conditions.

The high early strength development of MasterFlow 9500 and the possibility to install the material in temperatures as low as 0°C, allow the material to be installed in the shortest weather windows possible.

Short overall installation times and earlier operation of the wind farm guarantee faster energy production, earlier return on investment and safeguard project completion on time.

MasterFlow 9500 meets customer demands of all value players in the offshore market, and offers a wide variety of benefits.

Excellent durability:

  • High fatigue resistance, absorbing dynamic loads
  • Zero autogenous shrinkage; volume stable
  • High flexural strength, even without the addition of fibres
  • Very low porosity and water absorption

Secure installation:

  • Ultra-high axial load capacity
  • Excellent long term load transfer
  • Certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
  • High ultimate strengths

Fast and cost effective installation:

  • Rapid strength build-up, even at cold temperatures
  • Short overall installation times and earlier operation of the wind farm
  • Faster energy production and earlier return on investment


Brochure: MasterFlow 9500 - Ultra-high Strength Grout for Offshore Wind Turbine Installations

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MasterFlow 9500 - Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

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