​MasterGlenium ACE 8109 - High-range superplasticiser with super retention technology

How does MasterGlenium ACE 8109 work?

MasterGlenium ACE 8109 is an innovative polycarboxylic ether (PCE) based superplasticiser that has super retention technology. Due to a specifically tailored constitution of the active material, this admixture shows formerly unknown adsorption characteristics to cement.

What makes MasterGlenium ACE 8109 a unique solution?

MasterGlenium ACE 8109 provides exceptional good early strength development. While conventional admixture for high early strength concomitantly suffer from high workability loss over time and eventually lower final strength, MasterGlenium ACE 8109 overcomes this dependency and provides much improved slump retention and vastly increased final strength of concrete.

How can you benefit from MasterGlenium ACE 8109?

MasterGlenium ACE 8109 offers the following benefits for the precast concrete industry:

  • Produce Rheoplastic and Self Consolidating Concrete with a low w/c ratio
  • Optimize curing cycle by shortening curing time or decreasing curing temperature
  • Eliminate heat curing
  • Eliminate energy required for placing, consolidation and curing
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve surface appearance
  • Produce durable precast concrete elements
  • As compared to the traditional superplasticisers, improve engineering properties such as early and ultimate compressive and flexural strengths


MasterGlenium ACE 8109: Technical Data Sheet

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