MasterKure 181 – Styrene Resin Based Concrete Curing Compound

How does MasterKure 181 work?

MasterKure 181 is a styrene resin based curing membrane or material applied on freshly poured concrete to enable optimum strength by holding water inside the concrete with its film layer and reducing shrinkage by preventing rapid drying.

What makes MasterKure 181 a unique solution?

MasterKure 181 is a water-based curing compound for internal and external usage.

How can you benefit from MasterKure 180?

  • A more efficient and economical method as compared to similar cure methods like sack, burlap and irrigation
  • Forms a semi-dull surface
  • Reduces shrinkage cracks caused by rapid drying
  • Enables a harder and smooth surface.
  • When applied in fresh concrete, it doesn’t leave layers, strip off from surface or cause dusting
  • Enables perfect consistency with epoxy and polyurethane based coatings
  • Enables better curing compared to paraffin based cures
  • Easy to apply, reduces labor costs


MasterKure 181: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (117.23 Kb)