​MasterPel 05 - High duty waterproofing agent for concrete

How does MasterPel 05 work?

MasterPel 05 is a high duty waterproofing admixture for concrete providing the hardened concrete with a high watertightness and excellent resistance to frost.

What makes MasterPel 05 a unique solution?

MasterPel 05 has multifarious effects – plasticizes fresh concrete, reduces the quantity of gauging water, improves the workability and compaction; it reduces the volume of capillary pores and improves watertightness.

How can you benefit from MasterPel 05?

MasterPel 05 improves watertightness of concrete mix helps to reduce relative water absorption of building structures. It results in increasing the durability of the buildings.


MasterPel 05: Technical Data Sheet

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