​MasterPolyheed 100 - non-chloride, mid-range water-reducing admixture

How does MasterPolyheed 100 work?

MasterPolyHeed 100 patented, ready-to-use non-chloride, mid-range water-reducing admixture is a new generation of admixture based on polycarboxylate chemistry. It is specifically formulated to provide normal setting times with fly ash and/or slag cement concrete mixtures.

PolyHeed FC 100 admixture meets ASTM C 494/C 494M requirements for Type A, water-reducing, Type C, accelerating, and Type E, water-reducing and accelerating, admixtures.

What makes MasterPolyheed 100 a unique solution?

MasterPolyheed 100 has unique water-reducing properties and allows the development of fluid mixes with low permeability performance. Lower permeability minimizes water absorption and chloride ingress. The result is a more durable structure with increased service life.

How can you benefit from MasterPolyheed 100?

  • True mid-range water reduction (5-18%) and excellent performance across a wide slump range, especially the difficult slump range of 6-8 in. (150-200 mm)
  • Superior workability/pumpability even in concrete mixtures with low contents of cementitious materials
  • Consistent performance in low to high slump concrete mixtures, in particular, the mid-range slump of 5-8 in. (125-200 mm)
  • Provides normal setting times with fly ash and slag cement concrete mixtures
  • Improved performance with a wide range of cements, fly ashes, silica fume, slag cement and aggregates (including coarse and manufactured sands)
  • Opportunity to increase the level of fly ash or slag cement replacement in a given concrete mixture
  • Reduced in-place concrete costs