​MasterProtect 8000CI - Advanced corrosion inhibitor treatment for steel reinforced concrete

How does MasterProtect 8000CI work?

MasterProtect 8000CI is a surface-applied clear liquid that penetrates concrete and provides an organofunctional molecule to inhibit the electrochemical corrosion process between the rebar and the chloride ions, oxygen and moisture in the concrete.

Recommended uses:

  • Horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete surfaces after proper preparation
  • Steel-reinforced cast-in-place, precast, post tension, GFRC, prestressed or other steel reinforced concrete
  • Structures such as parking decks, facades, balconies, walkways, piers, bridge decks, beams, columns, and other steel-reinforced concrete structures
  • Marine environments with high relative humidity and areas where deicer salts are used

What makes MasterProtect 8000CI a unique solution?

  • Vapor-permeated, will not entrap moisture
  • Effective in both marine and high humidity environments to mitigate corrosion of rebar even in structures subjected to a high relative humidity environment
  • Easy to apply surface treatment that penetrates the concrete and chemically bonds with steel, cement paste and other siliceous material present in the concrete to inhibit macrocell (mat-to-mat) and microcell (along rebar) corrosion of steel reinforced concrete
  • Inhibits the corrosion of carbon and galvanized steel rebar

How can you benefit from MasterProtect 8000CI?

  • Dries quickly and is easy to apply for faster installation time
  • Effective in heavily chloride-contaminated and carbonated concrete environments to dramatically reduce corrosion rate in concrete with chloride or carbon induced corrosion
  • Normally does not require removal prior to additional coating applications so it takes less labor to apply than many other corrosion inhibitors


MasterProtect 8000 CI: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (61.64 Kb)