​​MasterRheobuild 1000 – A superplasticising admixture to produce rheoplastic concrete

How does MasterRheobuild 1000M work?

MasterRheobuild 1000M is a superplasticising admixture that contains a sulphonated polymer. It is chloride free and is specially formulated to impart rheoplastic qualities to concrete. Rheoplastic concrete is a fluid concrete with a slump value of at least 200mm or higher that flows easily but at the same time is free from segregation and has the same water/cement ratio as that of a no-slump concrete without admixture.

MasterRheobuild 1000M is chloride-free and complies with SS EN 934, High range water reducing/superplasticizing admixtures and ASTM C494 Types A and F, and is also compatible with all cements meeting recognized international standards.

What makes MasterRheobuild 1000M a unique solution?

MasterRheobuild 1000M improves compressive strengths at all ages considerably compared to plain concrete with the same workability.

How can you benefit from MasterRheobuild 1000M?

MasterRheobuild 1000M is compatible with all cements meeting recognized international standards.

MasterRheobuild 1000M offers high workability result in short placement time. It helps to save project time and labour resources. It is designed to impart rheoplastic qualities to concrete and to improve the pumpability of fresh concrete. The high impermeability and strength of MasterRheobuild 1000M improves the durability of building structures.

​MasterRheobuild 1000M provides good cohesion that reduces segregation to the concrete mix. It helps to ensures good homogeneity whilst maintaining workability thus improving the finishing characteristics.


MasterRheobuild 1000M: Technical Data Sheet

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