MasterRoc SLP 2 - Liquid polymer for soil conditioning in tunnel boring machines

How does MasterRoc SLP 2 work?

MasterRoc SLP 2 liquid polymer is used to enhance the performance of the MasterRoc foaming products in difficult ground conditions. MasterRoc SLP 2 liquid polymer is used in coarse soil with low fine content or saturated soil with high water pressure. MasterRoc SLP 2 liquid polymer can also be used to modify the properties of bentonite slurries for slurry TBM applications.​ MasterRoc SLP 2 liquid polymer was designed for soil conditioning with shielded TBM excavation. MasterRoc SLP 2 liquid polymer has excellent performance in restructuring soil and is effective in coarse, clean sands and gravels.

Recommended for use in:

  • Soil conditioning in Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) shield machines
  • Poorly graded and low fine ground, saturated ground and high water pressure ground in EPB shield machines
  • Improving the yield and filter cake properties of bentonite slurries; Suitable for bentonite slurries in saline conditions

What are the unique features of MasterRoc SLP 2?

  • Ready-to-use liquid polymer
  • Environmentally preferable

What are the benefits of MasterRoc SLP 2?

  • Reduced permeability and increased sealing at the face
  • Even and controlled support pressure and increased face stability
  • Lower inner friction and lower abrasiveness of the soil at the cutterhead through to the screw conveyor, reducing power consumption and wear to the tools
  • Increased cohesion of coarse, clean sands and gravels – smoother soil extraction
  • Water soaking and swelling effect, turning wet soil into a more manageable consistency 
  • Improving the yield of bentonite slurries. Suitable for bentonite slurries in saline conditions


MasterRoc SLP 2 Technical Data Sheet

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