​MasterSeal 583 - Waterproof cement-based coating for concrete

How does MasterSeal 583 work?

MasterSeal 583 is a dry Portland cement-based dry-modified polymer for smooth coating. Providing a smooth waterproofing finish.

Recommended uses:

  • Waterproofs and protects diverse building substrates
  • Walls
  • Foundations
  • Tunnels
  • Cisterns
  • Pools
  • Basements
  • On blocks, bricks, stone and concrete
  • Concrete
  • Reservoirs of drinking water
  • High tanks
  • Interior and exterior

What makes MasterSeal 583 a unique solution?

  • Cement-based
  • Modified with powder acrylic resin
  • Compatible with mineral or cement-based substrates
  • One-component
  • Resists both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure load

How can you benefit from MasterSeal 583?

  • Waterproof, seals and protects
  • Easy and fast application
  • Add only water
  • May be in permanent contact with drinking water
  • Prevents development of mold and mildew
  • Protects concrete from acid rain
  • Protects reinforcing steel


MasterSeal 583: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (44.03 Kb)