MasterSeal 121 - Anti-fungal, sanitary grade silicone sealant

What is MasterSeal 121?

MasterSeal 121 is a versatile, acetoxy silicone sealant, which cures under influence of humidity to form a durable elastic seal rubber with good bond to the substrate. It is non-slump, with excellent resistance against UV and weather, which can be used in vertical and horizontal joints, in internal and external environments, to provide a long-term, durable, elastic rubber seal. Its special formulation resists the growth of unsightly mold.

What are MasterSeal 121 applications?

MasterSeal 121 has been developed to form a durable elastic seal for vertical and horizontal, joints in kitchen, bathrooms, tiling and sanitary ware application. Specially developed acetoxy cure sanitary grade silicone sealant used for different applications including:

  • Top sealing in glazing systems
  • Perimeter joints around timber
  • Aluminum window and doorframes
  • Joints in kitchens and bathrooms

Which are MasterSeal 121 Benefits?

  • Anti-fungal – keeps wet areas hygienic
  • UV resistant and no discoloration – maintains aesthetics in exterior applications
  • Primer less application on most common substrates – saves time and money
  • Excellent UV, weather and water resistance – durable and long service life
  • Range of colors – to match most of the substrate common color requirement


Brochure: MasterSeal Sealants

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MasterSeal 121: Technical Data Sheet

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