​MasterSeal 955 FLASHSEAL - All purpose, self-adhesive, instant waterproofing and repair tape


What is MasterSeal 955 FLASHSEAL?

MasterSeal 955 FLASHSEAL is a high grade, cold applied, self-adhesive, waterproof bitumen tape based on elastomeric bitumen strengthened with high performance adhesive polymers

Where is MasterSeal 955 FLASHSEAL repair tape  applied?

MasterSeal 955 FLASHSEAL has been developed specifically for sealing and repairing:

  • Cracked roof parapets, upstands and detailing
  • Failed seams and details in mastic asphalt, asphalt felt and other bituminous roofing systems
  • Cracked or damaged clay and concrete roof tiles
  • Around windows, doors, partitions, drywall panels
  • Around chimneys, ventilation pipes, skylights, dormer windows and other penetrations
  • Gutters, channels and downpipes

What are the advantages of an all purpose, self-adhesive, instant waterproofing and repair tape ?

  • Easily applied by hand without the need for heat or flame
  • No special equipment needed
  • Perfect bond without primer on most common substrates: saves time and money
  • Aluminized backing provides excellent UV resistance for long life
  • Excellent resilience, tensile and tearing strengths for extra-long service life
  • Impermeable to water and air