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    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Technical Data Sheets

    Master X-​Seed

    ​​​​Master X-Seed 1500​​​ - Hardening accelerating admixture for concrete and shotcrete​ ​​​​designed to boost the hydration process of early age cement


    MasterAir 905 - Air entraining admixture for concrete to maintain desired air content for better quality concrete

    MasterAir 940​​ - Air entraining admixture for concrete​ that entrains optimum air content for improved plasticity, workability and durability​​


    ​​MasterBrace 1444 - Thixotropic paste epoxy binder and adhesive used in water treatment industry to repair or bond various materials and surfaces

    MasterBrace 1446​ - Thixotropic epoxy mortar designed as a structural adhesive used to bond precast elements and segments

    MasterBrace 4000​ - Epoxy resin adhesive for the MasterBrace Laminate system and a filling compound for irregular surfaces

    MasterBrace 4500​ - High strength epoxy resin used to saturate MasterBrace fabric sheets​ to form in-situ FRP Composite

    MasterBrace Fibres - Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) system for structural strengthening of concrete and timber structures

    MasterBrace Laminate - Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) system for structural strengthening of concrete and timber structures

    MasterBrace MBar - Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) system for structural strengthening of concrete, masonry and timber structures

    MasterBrace P 3500​ - Epoxy primer used on concrete prior to MasterBrace Laminate system​ application​


    MasterCast 602 - Liquid admixture that improves performance in normal and lightweight concrete masonry

    MasterCast 1101 - Liquid admixture designed to increase production efficiency in concrete masonry​​

    MasterCast 1102 - Plasticising admixture for use in no-slump concrete​ to enable a faster production rate​


    MasterCell 25​ - Controlled Low-Strength Materials (CLSM) Admixture​ used in backfill and structural fill used in-lieu of compacted soil


    MasterEase 3000​ - Low viscosity concrete admixture which facilitates faster mixing and discharge of concrete by improving pumpability​


    MasterEmaco 2525 - Solvent free epoxy binder and structural adhesive​ used to produce a range of epoxy resin based mortars 

    MasterEmaco N 102CI - Cementitious trowel applied lightweight polymer modified repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition used in concrete repair

    MasterEmaco N 5100​ - Cementitious polymer modified thin layer fairing mortar suitable for levelling damaged concrete surfaces

    ​MasterEmaco N 5200CI - Universal, fast-setting, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, light weight repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition for concrete repair

    MasterEmaco P 157 - SBR polymer based bonding and modifying agent for concrete and mortars​

    MasterEmaco P 5000AP - Cement based, bonding and active protective primer for the protection of reinforcement steel with corrosion inhibiting additives

    MasterEmaco S 488CI - Structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition which provides high bond to steel and concrete

    MasterEmaco S 620 - Cementitious, high Alumina hand applied repair mortar for sewer repair or acid/abrasion resistance due to hard wearing properties

    MasterEmaco S 680 - Cementitious spray applied repair mortar using dry shotcreting systems for aggressive environments

    MasterEmaco S 682 - Cement based shotcrete mix with reduced rebound used for sewer repair or where acid abrasion resistance is required

    MasterEmaco S 820CI - Cementitious spray applied repair mortar with reduced rebound and active corrosion inhibition​ used for civil and mining applications 

    MasterEmaco S 822CI​ - Cementitious spray applied repair mortar for cathodic protection overlays designed for civil and mining applications

    MasterEmaco S 902 - Cementitious rapid setting repair mortar with high bond strength for underwater repair and restoration work

    MasterEmaco S 5300CI - Lightweight, mid strength, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition

    MasterEmaco S 5400CI - High-strength, shrinkage compensated, fibre reinforced, structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition

    MasterEmaco S 5440CI - Flowable, structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition used on concrete elements to reduce shrinkage and cracking

    MasterEmaco T 545 - Rapid setting trafficable repair mortar that sets in 15 minutes used for highway and heavy industrial repair jobs

    MasterEmaco T 920CI​ - Cementitious, high strength, rapid setting, trafficable repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition for repair of concrete surfaces

    MasterEmaco T 2040​​ - Rapid setting repair mortar for industrial flooring offering excellent resistance against impact, abrasion and chemical attack​  ​


    MasterFiber 141​ - Polypropylene fibre for reinforcement in sprayed concrete and cast concrete applications as alternative and/or supplement to existing concrete reinforcement products

    MasterFiber 142 - Polypropylene fibre for reinforcement in sprayed concrete and cast concrete applications as alternative and/or supplement to existing concrete reinforcement products

    MasterFiber F 018 - Fibrillated micro polypropylene fibre designed to provide a high-performance concrete reinforcement system

    MasterFiber M 018​ - Monofilament micro polypropylene fibre designed to provide a high-performance concrete reinforcement system


    MasterFinish 222 - General purpose chemical release agent used for all types of formwork which provides excellent architectural finishes

    MasterFinish 380 - Surface retarder that delays mortar paste setting used to expose aggregate in horizontal concrete surfaces

    MasterFinish CLN 820 - Thixotropic liquid cleaning agent with corrosion inhibition used for agitator barrels in concrete trucks

    MasterFinish RL 211 - High quality water based surface consolidation and form release agent that can reduce/eliminate concrete surface imperfections

    MasterFinish RL 212​​​​ - High quality water based surface consolidation and form release agent​ that can reduce surface imperfections in precast, prestressed and poured in place concrete​


    MasterFlow 618 - Heavy duty epoxy resin grout with rapid hardening properties for engineering applications

    MasterFlow 628 - Multi-purpose high performance epoxy resin grout designed for structural applications in adverse weather conditions

    MasterFlow 648​ - High strength, high temperature, high flow epoxy resin grout with adjustable viscosity and flow best suited to gas transmission industries

    MasterFlow 700 - Cementitious, non shrink construction grout which undergoes controlled expansion in the plastic state with a thickness of 10mm to 100mm

    MasterFlow 788 - Non-shrink, cementitious grout with a high resistance to cement washout most suitable for under water applications

    MasterFlow 810​ - Non-shrink, precision cementitious grout for use in general civil engineering works​

    MasterFlow 815 - Cementitious high strength non-shrink precision grout for deep pour applications

    MasterFlow 870 - Cementitious non-shrink precision grout formulated to extend working time even at high ambient temperatures

    MasterFlow 4500​ - Cementitious non-shrink precision grout with excellent high early and ultimate strengths formulated to provide extended working time even at high temperaturest

    MasterFlow 4600 - Cementitious non-shrink, iron reinforced precision grout with ultra-high early and ultimate strengths formulated to provide extended working time even at high ambient temperatures​

    MasterFlow 9200 - Ultra-high strength, cement based grout with applied nanotechnology for grouting onshore VESTAS wind turbine installations

    MasterFlow 9300​ - Ultra-high strength, cement-based grout with metallic aggregate and applied nanotechnology for grouting onshore wind turbine installations

    MasterFlow 9400 - Ultra-high strength cement based grout for grouting Gamesa onshore wind turbine installations

    MasterFlow 9500​​ - Ultra high strength, high modulus, cement based grout with applied nanotechnology for grouting offshore wind turbine installations​


    ​​MasterGlenium ACE 8710 - High early strength, high range water-reducing admixture with improved slump retention and workability which accelarates cement hydration 

    MasterGlenium SKY 8100 - High range water reducing / superplasticising admixture with improved slump retention which helps accelarate the cement hydration process​

    MasterGlenium SKY 8379​ - New generation polycarboxylic ether hyperplasticiser for high performance concrete

    MasterGlenium SKY 8700​ - New generation superplasticising admixture for extended slump retention

    MasterGlenium SKY 8703​ - New generation superplasticising admixture for extended slump retention

    MasterGlenium SKY 8708​ - New generation high range water reducing admixture with super retaining technology for premix, precast and shotcrete applications​​


    MasterInject 1380​ - Two-component, low viscosity liquid adhesive used for pressure injection grouting specifically in the Structural Concrete Bonding Process (SCBP)​


    MasterKure 111 - Evaporation retardant and finishing aid for fresh concrete which retards water evaporation during trowelling and combats rapid-drying conditions

    MasterKure 250 - Water based hydrocarbon resin curing compound used for newly placed concrete which forms a flexible film preventing concrete drying out in early stage hydration

    MasterKure 402 - Solvent based curing compound and sealer which can form membranes for use on plain or coloured concrete

    MasterKure 404 - Water-based acrylic copolymer curing compound and sealer for use on plain or coloured concrete

    MasterKure CC 100WB​ - Wax emulsion curing compound​ that forms a flexible film preventing concrete from drying out in early stage hydration


    MasterLife 300D - Crystalline capillary waterproofing admixture for concrete which reduces water/liquid penetration whilst allowing the concrete to breathe

    MasterLife 736​ - Internal Curing liquid admixture which protects fresh concrete, shotcrete and mortar by reducing water evaporation to allow the concrete to cure

    MasterLife 2006 - Powdered corrosion inhibiting concrete admixture supplied in a convenient, degradable bag for easy dosing of mixes

    MasterLife CI 30 - Corrosion-inhibiting admixture for steel reinforced concrete

    MasterLife SF 100​ - Silica fume mineral admixture which is a pozzolan, reacting chemically within the concrete to increase strength and impermeability

    MasterLife SRA 200​ - Liquid chemical admixture that is formulated to reduce drying shrinkage and cracking in concrete​


    ​​MasterMatrix 220 - Rheology modifying additive for concrete and shotcrete

    MasterMatrix 362 - Viscosity modifying admixture which is ready-to-use and specifically developed for enhancing cement viscosoty and controlled rheological properties

    MasterMatrix 614 - Performance admixture for aiding the pumpability and finishability of concrete

    MasterMatrix UW 440​ - Anti-wash out admixture for use in underwater concrete or piling applications


    MasterPel 240​ - Water repellent and efflorescence control admixture​ that enables increased production rates of visually appealing concrete products


    ​MasterPolyheed 8191 - New generation robust Poly Carboxylate Ether (PCE) based water reducing and set-retarding admixture

    MasterPolyheed 8820 - New generation, normal to mid-range water reducer with superior slump retention, pumping and finishing

    MasterPolyheed 8830 - New generation mid-range water reducing admixture designed to improve the performance of concrete in both the plastic and hardened states

    MasterPolyheed 8840 - Mid-range water reducer with superior pumping and finishing properties

    MasterPolyheed 8875 - New generation Poly Carboxylate Ether (PCE) based water reducing admixture

    MasterPolyheed 8960​ - New mid-range admixture for low viscosity, improved rheology & manufactured sands​


    ​MasterPozzolith 55R - Unique retarder with mild plasticizing properties which delays the hydration process, thereby used to retard concrete, mortar and cement grouts

    MasterPozzolith 80 - Strength increasing liquid admixture used for producing more economical concrete whilst reducing the quantity of mixing water required

    MasterPozzolith 370 - Non-chloride water-reducing admixture formulated to improve the performance of concrete in both the plastic and hardened states

    MasterPozzolith 400 - Polymer based, water reducing admixture designed to deliver an economical alternative to admixtures for premix and precast applications

    MasterPozzolith 1350 - Non-chloride, water reducing admixture formulated to accelarate concrete setting time under cold winter conditions

    MasterPozzolith RT 300​ - Polymer admixture used for improving concrete​ predictability and quality by retarding setting time to facilitate placing and finishing​


    ​MasterProtect 150 - Acrylic resin-based coating for the long-term protection of concrete, mortar, masonry and natural stone against aggressive atmospheric attack

    MasterProtect 160 - Architectural anti-carbonation acrylic coating that protects surfaces against aggressive environmental attack whilst achieving high aesthetics

    MasterProtect 355 - Silane/Siloxane based hydrophobic impregnant which reacts chemically with a mineral substrate to form a surface repellant to water 

    MasterProtect 810CP - Form and pour flowable mortar, for low resistivity environments

    MasterProtect 815CP - Variable consistency fast setting grout, for embedding discrete anodes

    MasterProtect 816CP - Free-flowing fast setting grout, for embedding discrete anodes​

    MasterProtect 8000CI​ - Low-viscosity clear liquid which is formulated with penetrative silane treatments for control of moisture ingress and corrosion inhibition

    MasterProtect 8020CI - Surface applied corrosion inhibitor designed to migrate through even the densest concrete structures and form a layer on the steel reinforcing bars

    MasterProtect 8065/8105/8160 - Embedded galvanic anode for the protection of reinforcing steel

    MasterProtect 8500CI​ - Liquid corrosion inhibitor with silane-based penetrative properties used to mitigate electrochemical corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete

    MasterProtect H 1100 - Hydrophobic isobutyltriethoxysilane liquid which ensures effective impregnation of concrete and masonry surfaces

    MasterProtect H 1150 - Aqueous cream with water repelling properties used as an impregnant for all cement based materials

    MasterProtect P 155​ - Water-based acrylic primer used to prime mineral substrates prior to  MasterProtect 150-160 anti-carbonation coating application


    MasterRheobuild 1000NT​ - High range, water-reducing, retarding admixture with superplasticizing properties formulated to produce rheoplastic concrete​


    ​MasterrRoc ABR 5 - Liquid anti-abrasion agent for hard rock & EPB Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) that minimizes cutterhead clogging and dust formation

    MasterRoc FLC 100 - Chloride free, powder form admixture for use in the production of grouts to protect post-tensioned cables in prestressed concrete 

    MasterRoc HCA 20 - Chemical admixture that controls the dynamics of cement hydration, therefore suspending the hydration process

    MasterRoc MF 501 - High performance plasticising and water-reducing admixture for mine backfill mixes​

    MasterRoc MF 503 - Robust polymer admixture for improving cementitious mining backfill mixes

    MasterRoc MF 505C​ - Concentrated polymer admixture for improving cementitious mining backfill mixes, particularly with high clay contents​

    MasterRoc MF 506 - Liquid admixture for improving cementitious mining backfill by retarding the setting time to facilitate transportation, pumping, placing and curing

    MasterRoc MF 701 - Non-chloride liquid admixture used for making more uniform high-performance backfill by retarding and stabilising setting times

    MasterRoc MG 01​ - High yield, thixotropic cable bolt grout which is shrinkage compensated and best used in civil tunnels and underground mines

    MasterRoc MG 03​ - High strength flowable grout for long strand cables and strata binding

    MasterRoc MG 04 - High early strength, high yield, thixotropic grout for placement of cable rock bolts in underground mine and civil tunnel applications

    MasterRoc MG 100​ - Powdered thixotropic grout additive that protects cables and steel bolts against corrosion

    MasterRoc MP 323 - Solvent-free, low visocity, hydrophilic grout for rock injection and consolidation of sandy and silty strata

    MasterRoc MP 325 - Solvent free, low viscosity, hydrophilic grout for rock injection and consolidation of sand and silty strata

    MasterRoc MP 350 - One component water sealing injection resin for cracks and fissures in concrete and rock

    MasterRoc MP 355 1K - One component polyurethane injection foam to stop small to mid-volume water ingress

    MasterRoc MP 355​ - Highly reactive, two component polyurethane injection foam to stop high volume water ingress and for ground consolidation

    MasterRoc MP 356 - General purpose rigid polyurethane foam for pour in place applications that can be used in wet and dry conditions

    MasterRoc MP  364 - Highly reactive, two component fire resistant polyurea-silicate injection resin for strata consolidation

    MasterRoc MP 367 - Highly reactive, two component polyurea silicate injection foam for cavity filling and ground consolidation

    MasterRoc MP 640S - Microfine cement for injection into rock and soil

    MasterRoc MP 900S​ - Ultrafine cement for injection into rock and soil

    MasterRoc MS 695 - Liquid colloidal silica​ designed to improve the properties of shotcrete and concrete in both plastic and hardened states​

    MasterRoc RBA 380 - Highly reactive, fire resistant thixotropic polyurea silicate injection resin for rock bolting

    MasterRoc SA 160​ - Alkali free, liquid high performance set accelerator for wet-mixed sprayed concrete

    MasterRoc SA 167 - High performance alkali free set accelerator (AFA) for rapid production, durable sprayed concrete applications​

    MasterRoc STS 10 - Cementitious based shotcrete for sprayed applications

    MasterRoc TSG 6 - Tail sealant for shielded Tunnel Boring Machines

    MasterRoc TSG 7 - First fill tail sealant for shielded Tunnel Boring Machines

    MasterRoc TSG 9​ - Tail sealant for shielded Tunnel Boring Machines

    MasterRoc TSG 800​ - Fire resistant tail sealant for mechanized shielded Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs)

    MasterRoc TSL 865​- Spray applied polymer based membrane for surface sealing and weathering protection of rock and coal strata​


    MasterSeal 345 - Elastic, waterproofing membrane for spray application in a sandwich structure with sprayed or cast in-situ concrete

    MasterSeal 501 - Deep penetrative, reactive, capillary waterproofing system for concrete and mortar that can be used as a coating or dry shake

    MasterSeal 901 - Methacrylate vinyl ester resin that cures to form a flexible yet solid material that bonds to wet and dry substrates suitable for crack injection

    MasterSeal 909 - Re-injectable hose system for construction joints in concrete

    MasterSeal 910 - Hydroswelling waterbars that are installed into cold joints to render the joints leak-proof

    MasterSeal 912​ - Moiusture curing pre-polymer swelling paste which is suitable for permanent sealing of construction joints in concrete structures

    MasterSeal 930 - Joint sealing tape which is highly elastic, rot-proof and chemically resistant used for irregular and unconventional joints

    MasterSeal CR 195 - Moisture curing polyurethane sealant for use on vertical and horizontal applications with extreme UV resistance and long term colour integrity

    MasterSeal CR 435 - Polyurea hybrid joint sealant for use on exterior and interior joints that demand extreme chemical resistance

    MasterSeal M 790 - Two-component highly chemical resistant, crack-bridging protective coating based on Xolutec for waterproofing and protection of concrete structures in harsh conditions

    MasterSeal P 692 - Single component, solvent-based polyurethane primer for moisture curing and adhesion promotion for use on MasterSeal waterproofing membranes

    MasterSeal P 770​ - Two component primer based on Xolutec technology providing high substrate penetration and bond promotion for MasterSeal Systems​​


    MasterSet AC 102 - Liquid admixture that accelerates concrete setting times and produces high-early strength in special application concrete

    MasterSet AC 534 - Non-chloride liquid admixture that accelerates concrete setting times under cool winter conditions to produce high early strength 

    MasterSet AC 800 - Non-chloride water-reducing admixture that provides water reduction and increased setting time of concrete under cold winter conditions

    MasterSet Delvo Easy - Extended storage and re-use of truck mixer washwater and fresh concrete

    MasterSet RT 122​ - Liquid polymer admixture formulated to retard concrete setting times to facilitate placing and finishing 


    MasterSuna RCT 323​ - Returned concrete admixture designed to rapidly stiffen fresh concrete eliminating the need for onsite concrete crushing and landill disposal


    ​​MasterSure 1008 - New generation super slump retaining aid for extended slump retention​


    ​MasterTop 105 - Silicon carbide aggregate floor hardener applied as a dry shake over freshly floated concrete to provide a durable, non-slip monolithic floor

    MasterTop 200 - Iron aggregate, dry-shake surface hardener for industrial floors needing additional abrasion resistance and impact protection

    MasterTop 330 - Heavy duty iron aggregate topping​​ that protects industrial flooring against impact and abrasion whilst also providing a longer service life

    MasterTop 333 - Dust arresting silicate solution formulated to bind the surface of old or new concrete to reduce dusting​

    MasterTop 505 - Rapid-setting feather finish cementitious floor underlayment

    MasterTop 515 - Ultra-smooth self-levelling cementitious floor underlayment

    MasterTop 1080 - Epoxy based durable high build coloured floor coating

    MasterTop 1116 - Water based epoxy primer/moisture barrier used as a primer for MasterTop floor levellers and MasterSeal waterproofing membranes

    MasterTop 1205​ - Solvent free high build epoxy floor coating offering seamless durability, high gloss and slip resistance for industrial and commercial floors

    MasterTop 1220 - Industrial flooring system with adjustable slip resistance based on a solvent free epoxy resin system and selected graded aggregates

    MasterTop 1230 - Seamless, self-smoothing flooring system with outstanding aesthetics providing an easily cleaned and hygenic surface​

    MasterTop 1600 - Acrylic copolymer primer for cementitious floor levelling products with excellent adhesion and pore sealing properties

    MasterTop 1615 - Latex emulsion additive that smooths and levels floors prior to textile and laminate installation 

    MasterTop TC 471 - Clear UV resistant polyurethane coating with aesthetically pleasing matte finish and durability for internal concrete applications

    MasterTop TC 495 - Clear UV resistant polyurethane coating that is durable and resistant to UV exposure which allows it to be used externally

    MasterTop XTC - Flooring system based on Xolutec technology​​ featuring self-smoothing, slip resistant properties suitable for new and refurbished floors


    Ucrete DP - Heavy duty non-slip polyurethane hybrid flooring system with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals, heavy impact and high temperatures

    Ucrete IF - Iron aggregate filled, polyurethane hybrid floor system ideal for waste management and heavy manufacturing surfaces due to its exceptional impact and abrasion defence

    Ucrete MF - Heavy duty polyurethane flooring system providing a smooth protective floor finish suitable for dry environment application

    Ucrete MF40AS - Anti-static, polyurethane floor finish which provides a smooth protective coating suitable for predominantly dry environments

    Ucrete RG - Heavy duty polyurethane hybrid resin mortar that provides a robust render to vertical applications in wet and dry environments

    Ucrete UD 200​ - Polyurethane hybrid flooring system​ with a textured matte finish and excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, suitable for extreme temperature environments​