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    Returned Concrete Recycling – Closing the Loop On A Significant Waste Stream

    returned concrete closing the loop                                                                                                                                                                                                        

    MasterSuna RCT 323 is a new product that provides fast, efficient and extremely easy-to-use recycling solution for returned ready-mixed concrete waste.

    Returned concrete represents a significant waste stream across Australia and internationally. While the advent of computer-controlled batching and weighing systems have undoubtedly helped to improve efficiency and batch accuracy (especially in terms of the amount of concrete being produced and dispatched), miscalculations, over-compensation, or any number of changes at the job site, still result in a significant percentage of trucks returning to the batch plant with a portion of the load on board. In fact, according to the National Ready Mixed Concrete Associat​ion (NRMCA) in the USA, returned concrete can represent anywhere between 2% and 10% of total output.

    These figures were similar to those uncovered in in research conducted by Master Builders Solutions across Australia and New Zealand earlier this year, which showed that on average, around 2-3% of total ready-mixed output ends up as returned concrete. Alarmingly, that same research also showed that while some producers had invested in equipment and systems to assist with recycling, or were utilising​ returned concrete for block making, on average, almost 49% of the total returned concrete stream still ends up as waste which is either landfilled or stockpiled.

    Developed with a focus on building the circular economy by converting this significant waste stream into a beneficial and marketable end-product, MasterSuna RCT 323 is already revolutionising the treatment and handling of returned concrete for many producers across the USA and Europe. Not surprisingly, the product looks set to replicate its success across Australia and New Zealand following a number of extremely successful local trials, with a number of batch plants already using MasterSuna RCT 323 to treat their returned concrete.


    • One-component
    • Low dosage for ease of use
    • Fixed dosage to treat a variety of returned concrete mixtures
    • Fast acting – gels fresh concrete and provides rapid stiffening in two to five minutes


    • Provides concrete producers with a cost-effective solution to address returned fresh concrete
    • Eliminates the need for onsite concrete crushing, which improves safety and reduces the carbon footprint
    • Creates an environmentally sustainable solution to address the issue of returned concrete by diverting a waste material into beneficial applications​