Castle Hill Holden

MasterTop 1080 delivers the goods for Castle Hill Holden

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Project completed: 2012

Applicator/Contractor: Lewis Concrete Solutions

Products used:

  • MasterTop 1080

In large car dealerships, the workshop is essentially a ‘second showroom’ - it really reflects the overall quality of the business.
Selecting the right floor for workshop facilities such as this is critical. Indeed, selecting the wrong floor can prove to be extremely costly – both in the short and long-term. Importantly, choosing the right floor is about so much more than just having a good looking floor. Vehicle workshop floors need to be resistant to chemicals and spills (including hydrocarbons), highly trafficable, and hard wearing enough to withstand the daily rigors of a tough workshop environment,
while at the same time being be easy to clean and maintain so they stay safe and looking good in the long-term.

In keeping with their focus on maximizing quality, safety and aesthetics across the entire site, Prime Constructions specified the use of MasterTop 1080 from BASF for the workshop floors and walls.

Based on a high solid, two component epoxy resin system, MasterTop 1080 provides excellent resistance to both chemical and mechanical damage, making it ideal for use in a wide range of facilities, including workshops, warehouses and carparks, and for floors in production facilities and processing plants.
Suitable for use on both vertical and horizontal substrates, MasterTop 1080 is supplied in a pre-packaged and proportioned kit form and is available in a wide range of colors.

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Application of MasterTop 1080