Legacy Way Tunnel

Innovations in shotcrete slump control

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Project completed: 2015

Applicator/Contractor: Jemna/Transcity Joint Venture

Concrete Producer: Holcim

Market sector: Civil Tunneling

Products used: 

  • MasterGlenium SKY 8270
  • MasterRoc HCA 20
  • MasterSure 1008
  • MasterRoc SA 167

Construction of Brisbane City Council’s Legacy Way Tunnel in Brisbane’s inner city was undertaken by the Transcity Joint Venture (TJV) from 2011 to 2015.  The 4.6 kilometre twin-bore tunnel provides an essential link for traffic between the Western Freeway in Brisbane’s west to the Inner City Bypass in Brisbane’s north.  The tunnel forms part of Brisbane City Council’s TransApex transport plan designed to reduce traffic congestion and increase connectivity on Brisbane’s road network.

BASF worked with the principal contractor TJV, shotcrete contractor Jemna, and concrete supplier Holcim to provide an innovative solution that allowed shotcrete to be delivered to site and kept at ultimate working slump of 180mm for up to 24 hours.

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Legacy Way Tunnel