Pluto liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility

Master Builder Solutions – precision grouts

 Location: Western Australia

Project completed: 2012

Applicator/Contractor: Foster Wheeler Worley Parsons

Market Sector: Precision grouts

Products used:

  • MasterFlow 4500
  • MasterFlow 815
  • MasterFlow 648
  • MasterFlow 618

In 2007, BASF’s Master Builders Solutions began working with the team of FWW global engineers before the construction process took place. These engineers then became the FWW team leaders in Australia when the Project eventually began in 2008.

This early interaction established the trust and confidence required between BASF and FWW, both locally and globally.
BASF had the quality assurance systems the client was looking for. We further tailored the systems to align with the local environmental, and regulatory quality requirements.

Individual quality assurance certificates were issued with every batch supplied to the project. BASF also implemented certified on-site applicator training for both the placing and testing of our products.

BASF aligned production schedules with sub-contractors well in advance of product requirements. This allowed fresh product to be on site on time, and in line with the arrival of overseas modules.
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 The Pluto facility in Western Australia. Image source: Woodside image gallery