Sydney's Central Station

Light rail track and arch waterproofing

Location: Sydney Central Station

Project completed: 2014

Applicator/Contractor: ACR Group

Market sector: Waterproofing and Infrastructure

Products used:

  • MasterSeal Traffic 2500 HD

Sydney's historic Central Station Tramway was built as part of the Central Station relocation and upgrade in 1906. The light rail system was introduced at the Station in 1997 and has since become a crucial part of Sydney's public transport system. It operates 24 hours per day, seven days a week, carrying over 3 million passengers each year. During peak hours, trams depart every seven minutes, making it one of the busiest stations in the city.
In 2014, a renovation team was faced with repairing the membrane, with minimal disruption to the busy light rail timetable. Traditional methods of membrane repair would have required removing the concrete that protected the membrane and then re-laying it over a new membrane. This would have caused severe disruptions to light rail schedules, commuters and to the businesses below. It would also have resulted in heavy costs for the Central Station operators.
The ACR Group were contracted to complete this project and chose to use BASF’s liquid membrane system, MasterSeal Traffic 2500 HD. 
The application team worked at night, during off-peak hours, to apply the MasterSeal system directly onto the tramway, eliminating the need to remove the concrete and expose the old membrane. 
The MasterSeal Traffic 2500 HD System was applied over four nights. The process included surface preparation and detailing, the application of the new membrane and the wearcoat to allow for foot traffic and maintenance vehicle traffic, and a final UV protective coat applied at the end. 
All applications took place during the allocated work time of between 10pm and 5am. MasterSeal Traffic 2500 HD was applied with little to no disruption to the light rail timetable or to the Eddy Avenue Archway below. 

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Light rail waterproofed using MasterSeal Traffic 2500 HD