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    ​​​​​Solutions for Sustainable Construction

    Master Builders Solutions provides products and solutions to help asset owners, design professionals, concrete producers and contractors build world-class, sustainable infrastructure. Our solutions perform to the highest standards while considering cost, environmental impact and the safety of our customers and building occupants. 

    Technologies for Sustainable Construction

    The Master Builders Solutions portfolio contributes to sustainable construction by offering products and systems that: 

    1) Help contribute to safer built environments for public and private infrastructure

    Example: MasterRoc RBA 380 - Developed with a focus on versatility and performance, MasterRoc RBA 380 is ideal for both resin-into-bolt & bolt-into-resin rock bolting. Its unique formulation allows for secure and precise injection to achieve fully encapsulated bolts for optimum load transfer between the strata and the rock bolt, reaching >35MPa in less than 5 minutes. Traditional cementitious grouting typically takes up to 12 hours to reach the same strengths.
    MasterRoc RBA 380 delivers the ideal combination of flexibility and performance - maximising productivity and safety. 

    2) Help lower energy, water usage and material waste both during and post construction

    Example: Water Reducing Admixtures - Our water-reducing admixture range allows for the production of high-strength, durable concrete, and possess high workability characteristics for ease of placement. These plasticizers can be found under the MasterGlenium, MasterPolyheed​, MasterRheobuild​ and MasterPozzolith product families and can be combined with our MasterSure technology, to enhance slump retention, without impacting setting time.

    3) Help reduce carbon emissions and material wastage

    Example: MasterSuna RCT 323 - Around 2-3% of all ready-mix concrete is returned to batch plants, and almost half of that ends up as waste, which is either landfilled or stockpiled. Despite improvements in production and batch accuracy, a significant percentage of trucks are still returning to batch plants with a portion of the load on board. MasterSuna RCT 323 returned concrete admixture ensures that 100% of the ready-mix load is recycled and then utilised in other construction applications, such as road base and aggregate for concrete.

    4) Increase construction timelines and improve the durability of structures

    Example: Master X-Seed 1500​ - Master X-Seed 1500 has been optimised for structural precast elements as high early strength development is a key success factor for precast producers. The admixture contains seeding nanoparticles designed to boost the hydration process of early-age cement (6-12 hours) and also supports the use of binders with lower clinker content.