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    ​​​​​​From Strength to Strength – MasterBrace Gives Bridges A New Lease On Life

    When it comes to transport infrastructure, one of the largest challenges facing all levels of government across Australia is undoubtedly that of managing and maintaining Australia’s ageing bridge network – particularly in terms of being able to cope with the increased demands being placed on it. 

    With an estimated 70% of our national bridge road network now more than 50 years old, it’s clear that most road bridges across Australia are now exposed to both vehicle numbers and loadings far in excess of their initial design requirements. 

    Considering that in 1972 Australia’s population was a mere 13.2 million (half our current population) and that heavy vehicles including B-Doubles and larger trucks were unheard of, it’s easy to see the increased demands being placed on our road and bridge infrastructure. 
    MasterBrace Bridge Strengthening

    Recognising that it’s not always possible, practical or affordable to completely replace a bridge, Master Builders Solutions offers a number of highly effective and more affordable options for reinforcing and strengthening existing bridges – effectively extending their service life by increasing their load-carrying capacity.

    This innovative repair and strengthening system (known as MasterBrace) is based on fibre-reinforced polymer composites that provide additional stability to structural elements. MasterBrace is used directly on the sections where the load-bearing capacity needs to be improved and reinforced strength is required including the bridge deck, beams, soffits or other structural members.
    MasterBrace Bridge Strengthening

    MasterBrace reinforcement may be used to supplement the bending strength of beams, slabs, walls, and other flexural elements, and to increase the shear capacity of concrete beams and columns. The bending capacity of reinforced, prestressed, and post-tensioned members can be increased by up to 70%, while the shear capacity of members can be increased as much as 0.35 kN/cm of beam depth and significant increases in ductility can be achieved.

    Together with the FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) products for structural strengthening of concrete and timber structures, the MasterBrace range incorporates CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer) laminates and bars, as well as a selection of high-strength primers, binders, resins and structural mortars. The MasterBrace system also comes with the industry’s most complete support, from specification, design support, contractor training and more – everything required to give ANZ’s bridge network a new lease on life.
    MasterBrace Bridge Strengthening

    To talk specifics, contact Andrew Sarkady, National Industry Advocate – Civil Infrastructure, Transport, Mobile: +61 418 530 763 or Email:
    For more information on the full range of MasterBrace Composite Strengthening Systems, visit:​