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    ​​Rock Bolting Solutions for Every Underground Environment

    No two underground construction projects are the same. Geotechnical conditions vary considerably across a project, which can result in a range of construction methods being utilised across a single project. 

    With that in mind, it’s also clear that when it comes to anchoring grouts, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. That’s why Master Builders Solutions has developed a specialist range of innovative, high-performance anchoring solutions to suit every type of project in ground conditions, including:

    Specifically developed for cable bolt and rock bolt grouting in civil tunnels and underground mines, MasterRoc MG 01 delivers the performance and versatility to suit a wide variety of ground conditions.

    With a WP range of 0.325 to 0.5, MasterRoc MG 01 is ideal for both ‘top-down’ and ‘bottom-up’ grouting of rock bolts, canopy tubes and strata binding applications - delivering the ideal blend of pumpability, extended working time (over 30 minutes at 20°C), high bond to steel and surrounding strata, rapid thixotropy, and a good ultimate strength to ensure the permanence and safety of critical installations.

    MasterRoc MG 04 is a thixotropic, high early strength grout designed for use in the post-grouting of roof bolts and cable anchors where the “top-down” grouting method is preferred.

    Developed for use in both underground mine and civil tunnel applications, MasterRoc MG 04 combines both high early and long-term strengths (35MPa @ 4h) with an extended working time (60 minutes at 32°C) for easier clean-up of pumps and hoses. MasterRoc MG 04 also allows for early re-entry times without flash-setting in the mixing bowl, and can be used with the latest generation of cable bolts.

    Developed for use in contaminated ground conditions, BluCem HS400Plus is an acid-resistant, thixotropic grout which, due to its unique blend of cement and fillers, is pumpable under pressure whilst resisting flow due to gravity forces. These unique thixotropic properties allow the grout to be reliably utilised in top-down applications such as overhead rock bolting, creating a fully encapsulated bolt without cavities or voids.

    Free of aluminium or other metallic expansion agents, BluCem HS400Plus combines high early strength and high load transfer to rock, with low porosity and excellent flex fatigue resistance.

    For further information on these and other products in the range, call a team member on 1300 227 300.