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    ​MasterBrace MBar

    Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer system for structural strengthening

    How does MasterBrace MBar work?

    MasterBrace MBar is a ready to use pultruded carbon fibre rod, which provides a high tensile strength (that is higher than steel reinforcement used in the concrete industry) and can be used for flexural reinforcement of concrete, masonry and timber elements.

    Recommended uses:

    • Ideal when the cover of the steel bars is very low, as MasterBrace MBar does not corrode
    • Can be used for slim or narrow architectural concrete
    • Reduce deformation under working loads (increase in rigidity)
    • Ideal for use in historical structures

    What makes MasterBrace MBar a unique solution?

    MasterBrace MBar is used to replace or augment steel reinforcement in concrete structures. To add reinforcement to timber and masonry elements. Suitable for NSM (near surface mounted reinforcement) of structures.

    What are the benefits of MasterBrace MBar?

    • Increases the load-bearing capacity (e.g.structural conversion following a change in capacity load)
    • Increases the fatigue strength
    • Improves the performance of cracked structures (increase in durability)
    • Supplied with peel ply, which gives better protection during handling and improved adhesion to the substrate.
    • Can be buried in the structure
    • Enables the amount of reinforcement to be calculated in relation to the performance required or the stress flow
    • Allows faster installation, thereby reducing costs
    • Increases the durability of the structure by protecting it against the aggressive action of chlorides and freezing and thawing cycle

    Direct contact

    Andrew Sarkady

    Andrew Sarkady

    National Industry Advocate Civil Infrastructure – Transport

    0418 530 763


    MasterBrace FRP Strengthening Systems Application Guide

    pdf (2.16 Mb)

    MasterBrace MBar Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (276.35 Kb)