MasterCast GF 300 - Powder admixture for use in general purpose sand/cement grout mixtures


How does MasterCast GF 300 work?

MasterCast GF 300 is a multi-component dry powder admixture for use in general purpose sand/cement grout mixtures.

Recommended uses:

  • General purpose grouting operations where total load bearing is not required
  • Sand/cement grouts requiring concrete strength for block wall construction
  • Sand/cement grouts to be pumped into hard to reach areas
  • Lean sanded grouts used to fill voids and provide support under or behind non-critical structures
  • Sand/cement grouts for pre-placed aggregate concrete applications above water
  • Neat cement and cement/fly ash grouts for rock grouting and soil stabilisation

What makes MasterCast GF 300 unique solution?

MasterCast GF 300 reduces mixing water requirements, enabling correctly designed flowing sand/cement grouts to attain concrete strengths.

What are the benefits of MasterCast GF 300?

  • Slight retardation. Extends holding time in the mixer and penetration time at the point of use. The amount of retardation provided will be reduced at higher temperatures.
  • Lubricates grout mix.Facilitates penetration, reduces pumping pressures and permits transmission through long lines.
  • Fluid phase expansion.
  • Ensures complete filling of space to be grouted. The degree of expansion is related to the alkali content of the cement. Where expansion and compressive strength is important, mixes should be prepared in advance and tested for desired properties.


MasterCast GF 300: Safety Data Sheet Australia

pdf (60.04 Kb)

MasterCast GF 300: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (87.53 Kb)