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    ​​MasterEmaco S 5440CI 

    Flowable, structural repair mortar with active corrosion inhibition used on concrete elements to reduce shrinkage and cracking

    How does MasterEmaco S 5440CI work?

    MasterEmaco S 5440CI is a single component, extra high-strength, high modulus, shrinkage compensated structural repair mortar that meets the requirements of EN 1504 part 3 class R4.

    MasterEmaco S 5440CI is used for the structural repair of concrete elements such as:

    • Columns, piers and cross beams of all bridges
    • Cooling towers and chimneys and other industrial environments
    • Marine structures, water treatment and sewerage facilities 
    • Tunnels, pipes, outfalls and all below ground construction especially in harsh ground conditions
    • All form and pour repairs

    What are the unique features of MasterEmaco S 5440CI?

    MasterEmaco S 5440CI contains Portland cement, graded sands and special additives to significantly reduce the risk and incidence of shrinkage cracking.  When mixed with water, it forms a highly fluid mortar that can easily be pumped or poured into formwork.

    What are the benefits of MasterEmaco S 5440CI? 

    • Versatile – can be applied in extreme environments where active corrosion inhibition is required
    • Shrinkage compensated  – minimises crack tendency
    • Highly fluid – can be applied by pump (eg Putzmeister SP11) or pouring into formwork
    • High early and ultimate strengths – matches high strength concrete found in structures
    • High modulus and excellent adhesion – ensuring load transfer in structural repair.
    • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance – suitable for all climates
    • High carbonation resistance – suitable for exposed repairs in urban environments
    • Sulphate resistant – suitable for contact with ground waters
    • Very low permeability – protection of reinforcing steel
    • Low chromate (Cr[VI] < 2 ppm ) – low risk of skin irritation
    • Chloride-free – does add to the chloride load in contaminated structures​
    • Approved to AS/NZS 4020:2018 (tested to the maximum exposure level) - suitable for contact with potable water.​

    Direct contact

    Andrew Sarkady

    Andrew Sarkady

    National Industry Advocate Civil Infrastructure – Transport

    0418 530 763


    City Reach Boardwalk Brisbane River Project Reference

    pdf (689.02 Kb)

    MasterEmaco S 5440CI SDS Australia

    pdf (174.09 Kb)

    MasterEmaco S 5440CI Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (225.65 Kb)