MasterFinish CLN 820 - Agitator barrel cleaning agent

How does MasterFinish CLN 820 work?

MasterFinish CLN 820 is a ready for use liquid cleaning agent for the agitator barrels of concrete trucks.  It has been developed to facilitate cost efficient and safe handling for cement cleaning applications.

MasterFinish CLN 820 is recommended for the cleaning of the outside of all agitator barrels (bowls), especially in situations where cement “stains” are difficult to remove with conventional cleaners.

What makes MasterFinish CLN 820 a unique solution?

The thixotropic nature of MasterFinish CLN 820 leads to minimal “runoff” and subsequent more efficient use of the product.

What are the benefits of MasterFinish CLN 820?

  • Thixotropic
  • Corrosion inhibited
  • Minimal vapour emissions when compared to conventional acid cleaning agents
  • Reduced waste and cost
  • Substantial decrease in cleaning agent induced corrosion
  • OH&S friendly – results in easier and safer handling


MasterFinish CLN 820 Safety Data Sheet Australia

pdf (109.98 Kb)

MasterFinish CLN 820 Technical Data Sheet

pdf (86.79 Kb)