MasterLife 736- Internal curing admixture

How does MasterLife 736 work?

MasterLife 736 is a liquid admixture for internal curing of concrete, shotcrete and mortars. It is recommended for applications for concrete, shotcrete or mortar where reduced water evaporation is required to allow concrete to cure in a similar manner to concrete treated with a surface applied, membrane forming curing compound.

What makes MasterLife 736 unique solution?

MasterLife 736 when added to the mix produces an internal membrane, which protects fresh concrete, shotcrete and mortar by reducing water evaporation, to allow the concrete to cure. It also improves pumpability and stability of the fresh concrete, shotcrete or mortar.

What are the benefits of MasterLife 736?

MasterLife 736 considerably improves the properties of fresh and hardened concrete.

  • Protects against water evaporation of the fresh concrete, shotcrete or mortar
  • Improves impermeability
  • Improves abrasion resistance
  • Improves bonding to substrate
  • Has no negative influence on bonding if a second layer of concrete, shotcrete or mortar is applied (improves bonding between layers)
  • Improves the hydration of all cement types
  • Improves flexural strength
  • Improves workability and pumpability, especially with low cement content and lack of fines in the mix, thus making workability more independent of the grading of the aggregates
  • Reduces plastic shrinkage and long term drying shrinkage


MasterLife 736: Safety Data Sheet

pdf (56.32 Kb)

MasterLife 736: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (104.48 Kb)