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    ​MasterPolyheed 8830

    New generation mid-range water-reducing admixture designed to improve the performance of concrete in both the plastic and hardened states

    How does MasterPolyheed 8830 work?

    MasterPolyheed 8830 is a multi-component, non-chloride, mid-range water reducing admixture designed to improve the performance of concrete both in the plastic and hardened states. It is added at the batch plant after 75% of water has been added to the mix. MasterPolyheed 8830

    Recommended uses:

    • All types of concrete where a non-chloride water reducing admixture is required, especially in the slump band (80 -150mm)
    • Improving the performance of pumped concrete, shotcrete and conventionally placed concrete
    • Improving the performance of plain, reinforced, precast, light weight or standard weight concrete
    • Use in white or coloured concrete
    • Use in architectural concrete, especially where off-form and/or surface finish is critical
    • Use in concrete containing harsh aggregates and/or manufactured sand

    What makes MasterPolyheed 8830 unique solution?

    Non-chloride water reducing admixture enables mid-range concrete slump of 80-150mm.

    What are the benefits of MasterPolyheed 8830?

    In the plastic state:

    • normal setting characteristics throughout the recommended dose range
    • reduced segregation, particularly in lean mixes and mid slump concrete
    • improved mix rheology
    • improved pumpability
    • reduced water content for a given workability
    • enhanced finishability, especially for concrete with manufactured or harsh aggregates

    In the hardened concrete:

    • no added chlorides, conforms to the most stringent chloride ion limits including AS3600 concrete structures code, will not initiate or promote the corrosion of reinforcing steel
    • increased strength – compressive, flexural and bond (concrete to steel)
    • superior finished appearance
    • increased density and durability
    • reduced permeability – improved watertightness
    • reduced cracking

    Direct contact

    Jason Cichon

    Segment Manager ANZ: Concrete Admixtures

    0407 694 464


    MasterPolyheed 8830 SDS Australia

    pdf (165.20 Kb)

    MasterPolyheed 8830: Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (201.99 Kb)