MasterPozzolith 55R - Unique retarder with mild plasticizing properties

How does MasterPozzolith 55R work?

MasterPozzolith 55R is a unique and special retarder which delays the hydration process, thereby can be used to retard concrete, mortar, cement grouts and all types of cementitious applications.  Compliant to AS 1478.1 – 2000, Type Re.

Recommeded uses:

  • Hot weather concrete where control of initial and final set is important
  • White cement concrete
  • Mass concrete e.g. roller compacted
  • Mass concrete e.g. Roller Compacted Concrete for dams/pavements
  • High strength mixes, to control set of concrete particularly in high ambient temperatures
  • Retarded mortar applications

What makes MasterPozzolith 55R unique solution?

Extension of initial and final set in numerous applications, such as structural in-situ concrete, RCC mass pours, piling concrete

What are the benefits of MasterPozzolith 55R?

  • Increase in initial and final set
  • Allows upto 5% water reduction in certain cases
  • The strength gain of concrete containing MasterPozzolith 55R is enhanced sligthtly towards later ages
  • Extended life of ready-mixed mortars can be designed in conjunction with air entraining systems while stabilizing setting times according to specific project requirements


MasterPozzolith 55R: Safety Data Sheet Australia

pdf (100.68 Kb)

MasterPozzolith 55R: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (107.19 Kb)