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    ​​MasterProtect 8500CI 

    Liquid corrosion inhibitor with silane-based penetrative properties used to mitigate electrochemical corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete

    How does MasterProtect 8500CI work?

    MasterProtect 8500CI is a single component, ready to use, low viscosity, clear liquid, that combines the power of a 100% reactive, dual-function silane-based penetrating corrosion inhibitor, with a latent-phase corrosion inhibitor, to mitigate electrochemical corrosion of reinforcing steel in new or aged concrete.​

    MasterProtect 8500CI is particularly suited for the protection of:
    • Steel reinforced concrete, including cast-in place, precast, pre-stressed and post tensioned
    • Building facades and balconies, parking structures, pedestrian walks, bridge decks and supporting elements (beams, columns, etc.), concrete docks and piers
    • Marine and other high humidity environments not subject to hydrostatic pressure
    • Steel-reinforced concrete exposed to de-icing salts or salt water/chloride environments

    What ​are the unique features of MasterProtect 8500CI?

    Only MasterProtect 8500CI couples the primary reactive penetrant with a second, latent-phase corrosion inhibitor. This latent-phase inhibitor activates when the concrete cracks, migrating to the reinforcing steel to provide an extra level of protection when it is most needed.​ 

    What are the benefits of MasterProtect 8500CI?

    • 100% reactive ingredients. No diluents or fillers, non-flammable, low odour.
    • Easy to apply and quick-drying for faster installation time.
    • Provides water repellent surface to prevent penetration of moisture and chlorides.
    • Reduces corrosion due to the ring (incipient) anode or “halo” effect.
    • Suitable for use in new construction and repair applications. 
    • Effective in chloride-contaminated and carbonated concrete to significantly slow the rate of corrosion.
    • Latent-phase corrosion inhibitor activates if concrete cracks, or if moisture penetrates the concrete, providing extended protection when it is most needed.
    • Vapor-permeable to prevent moisture entrapment.
    • Effective in high humidity environments to mitigate corrosion of reinforcing steel.
    • Surface treatment that penetrates the concrete to bond with steel and the concrete matrix, to inhibit macrocell (mat-to-mat) and microcell (along rebar) corrosion.
    • Normally does not require removal prior to subsequent coating applications, thereby reducing downstream labor costs compared with many other corrosion inhibitors. Based on substrate absorption rate, allow min 72 hours prior to overcoating and test adhesion as required.​​​

    Direct contact

    Andrew Sarkady

    Andrew Sarkady

    National Industry Advocate Civil Infrastructure – Transport

    0418 530 763


    MasterProtect 8500CI SDS Australia

    pdf (152.51 Kb)

    MasterProtect 8500CI Technical Data Sheet

    pdf (228.14 Kb)