MasterSeal 901 - Methacrylate vinyl ester resin for crack injection

How does MasterSeal 901 work?

MasterSeal 901 is a multi-component, solvent free, water swelling methacrylate vinyl ester based injection system that cures to form a flexible yet solid material with an excellent bond even to wet substrates.

MasterSeal 901 is recommended for sealing cracks, joints and crevices in concrete, rock and masonry to prevent water ingress. Applications include injection of:

  • Stabilised cracks and non-moving joints in structural concrete
  • Concrete construction joints (excluding expansion joints) using MasterSeal 909 injectable hose system. Please refer to MasterSeal 909 for more information.

What are the unique features of MasterSeal 901?

Depending on the degree of availability of moisture, the cured system swells reversibly up to 120% of its volume to act as an effective and permanent seal against ingress of water.

What are the benefits of MasterSeal 901?

  • Water molecules held by molecular attraction – captured water does not get transported through capillaries
  • Unaffected by cycles of swelling and shrinking – continues to perform over long time, despite exposure to wetting and drying cycles
  • Good bond to damp surfaces – advantage in damp structures
  • Adjustable reaction time - between 20 and 60 minutes to allow for deep penetration


MasterSeal 901 Part A Safety Data Sheet

pdf (108.71 Kb)

MasterSeal 901 Part B Safety Data Sheet

pdf (59.23 Kb)

MasterSeal 901 Part C Safety Data Sheet

pdf (144.04 Kb)

MasterSeal 901 Technical Data Sheet

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