MasterSeal M 882 - Solvent free polyaspartic wear coat for use in high traffic waterproofing systems

How does MasterSeal M 882 work?

MasterSeal M 882 is a wear coat for use in car park deck waterproofing systems. It is a solvent free, 3- component polyaspartic that consists of a liquid part A and liquid part B and a filler to adjust the viscosity for use on horizontal and sloping applications. It has a low consumption for economic use and exhibits an excellent bond to the waterproofing membrane. 

MasterSeal M 882 is primarily intended for use as the wear coat in MasterSeal Traffic car park deck waterproofing systems. It can also be used in other systems where its low consumption and ease of application together with its excellent mechanical properties can be used to advantage.

What are the unique features of MasterSeal M 882?

MasterSeal M 882 is slightly elastic so that it can accommodate some movement of the deck. It has a tenacious hold onto the broadcast aggregate providing a hard wearing, skid resistant surface.

What are the benefits of MasterSeal M 882?

  • Long lasting non slip profile - tenacious hold to broadcast aggregate
  • Withstands loads imposed by traffic - excellent bond to waterproofing membrane
  • Suitable for prolonged use in carparks - resistant to fuels, battery acid and hydraulic oils


MasterSeal M 882 Part A Safety Data Sheet

pdf (45.30 Kb)

MasterSeal M 882 Part B Safety Data Sheet

pdf (46.23 Kb)

MasterSeal M 882 Technical Data Sheet

pdf (110.86 Kb)