MasterSet AC 800 - Non-chloride water-reducing and set-accelerating admixture

How does MasterSet AC 800 work?

MasterSet AC 800 is a water reducer and nonchloride accelerator admixture liquid admixture. It is primarily formulated to provide water reduction and acceleration to the setting time of concrete under cold winter conditions.  It does not contain added chloride and conforms to chloride ion limits required by concrete industry standards.
MasterSet AC 800 complies with AS 1478 Type WRAc.

MasterSet AC 800 is recommended for any concrete that requires short setting time characteristics and early strength, superior workability, pumpability and finishability. Typical application fields are housing, bridges, concrete highway as well as manufactured concrete products. Particularly suitable when smooth surface of the concrete is required. It is also applicable in concrete subject to chloride ion constraints such as in coastal environments.

What makes MasterSet AC 800 a unique solution?

MasterSet AC 800 provides high early strength in special application concrete, while water reduction and workability retention of the fresh concrete are improved compared to previous

What are the benefits of MasterSet AC 800?

  • Improved early set of concrete in winter condition
  • Encouraged concrete early strength development
  • Reduced bleed water during hydration
  • Enhanced concrete rheology
  • Consistent performance
  • Produced easy finishing concrete
  • Potential Cement saving
  • Compatibility with wide range of cements, fly ashes and slags


MasterSet AC 800 SDS

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MasterSet AC 800 Safety Data Sheet Australia

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MasterSet AC 800: Technical Data Sheet

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