MasterTop 1600 - Primer for MasterTop floor levelling products

How does MasterTop 1600 work?

MasterTop 1600 is an acrylic copolymer emulsion for priming and bonding of cementitious floor levelling compounds.

It is recommended for use as a primer for cementitious floor levelling products.

What makes MasterTop 1600 unique solution?

MasterTop 1600 has excellent adhesion to concrete making it a durable bond for levelling products.

What are the benefits of MasterTop 1600?

  • Pore sealer - prevents air bubbles rising through the applied levelling compound
  • Economical - can be diluted 1:3 by volume with water
  • Fast and easy application – brush, roller or squeegee


MasterTop 1600 SDS

pdf (106.25 Kb)

MasterTop 1600 Safety Data Sheet Australia

pdf (57.26 Kb)

MasterTop 1600 Safety Data Sheet New Zealand

pdf (50.63 Kb)

MasterTop 1600: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (107.94 Kb)

MasterTop Levelling Application Guide

pdf (255.93 Kb)