MasterTop 330 - Heavy duty high strength iron aggregate topping

How does MasterTop 330 work?

MasterTop 330 is an iron aggregate topping designed to provide industrial floors with extra heavy-duty protection against abrasion and impact. Applied over prepared hardened concrete it gives significantly longer service life than either normal high strength concrete or natural aggregate toppings.

Recommended uses:

  • Areas subject to heavy abrasive traffic, impact and continuous wear, such as loading docks, aisles, waste transfer facilities, truck or tractor repair areas, and mill scale sluiceways.
  • Areas where safety authorities have deemed other floor surfaces hazardous because of excessive wear, dangerously buckled steel plates, etc.
  • Mining workshops with tracked vehicles.
  • Floors with scraper blades in constant contact.

MasterTop 330 is not recommended for areas where steel plate has worn through in less than one year, or where the floor surface is exposed to chemicals that would affect a concrete floor.  For applications under these service conditions Ucrete may be a better option.

What makes MasterTop 330 a unique solution?

MasterTop 330 has a lower modulus of elasticity than other toppings of equivalent compressive strength which increases impact resistance and total energy absorbing capacity (toughness).

What are the benefits of MasterTop 330?

  • Ease of application – extended working life at screedable consistency (130 to 180mm slump) allows ample time to place, float and finish.  Rotary compactors are not required.
  • Heavy duty, durable industrial floor topping – formulated to be applied at a thickness of 13 to 40mm. Thickness chosen depends on project requirements, including design traffic loading, abrasion, impact and chemical resistance. Refer to BASF and MasterTop 330 Application Guide for more information.
  • High abrasion resistance – eight times more wear resistance than plain concrete.
  • Greater toughness – energy absorbing capacity is significantly greater than normal high strength concrete or natural aggregate toppings.
  • Increased impact resistance – four times greater than plain concrete.
  • High density surface – resists oil and grease penetration, reduces dusting and absorption.
  • Protects against joint deterioration – iron armouring eliminates the risk of dangerous protruding or buckled joints from steel tiles, minimises damage to production goods and increases the life of materials handling equipment.


MasterTop 330 Application Guide

pdf (477.07 Kb)

MasterTop 330: Safety Data Sheet

pdf (42.32 Kb)

MasterTop 330: Technical Data Sheet

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