MasterTop TC 450 - Clear UV resistant solventless epoxy coating for concrete

How does MasterTop TC 450 work?

MasterTop TC 450 is a solventless, high gloss, low viscosity epoxy coating designed for application as a clear hard wearing surface primarily over ground concrete or vinyl flake flooring.

Recommended uses:

  • Wear resistant finish to concrete
  • Workshops
  • Warehouse

What makes MasterTop TC 450 a unique solution?

MasterTop TC 450 is a new technology being UV resistant.  It protects underlying epoxies from yellowing from UV exposure through glass.

What are the benefits of MasterTop TC 450?

  • Mild odour - suitable for indoor use
  • Resistant to mild acids/alkalis
  • Easy application - by roller or squeegee with excellent surface wetting characteristics
  • Long life - good mar resistance and resistance to mild alkalis and acids


MasterTop TC 450 Part A: Safety Data Sheet Australia

pdf (43.63 Kb)

MasterTop TC 450 Part B: Safety Data Sheet Australia

pdf (46.91 Kb)

MasterTop TC 450: Technical Data Sheet

pdf (103.97 Kb)