MasterPel 707 - Low dosage, liquid, integral waterproofer for concrete and mortar

How does MasterPel 707 work?

MasterPel 707 is a liquid admixture for concrete to achieve high resistance to water ingress. It is based on a blend of surface active agents and refined lignosulphonate

Recommended uses:

  • MasterPel 707 should be used in all structural concrete that is constantly or intermittently in contact with water such as sea walls, tunnels, basements, structural and pre-cast concrete in
  • exposed superstructures. MasterPel 707 can also be used as waterproofing cum plasticizing admixture for cement mortars and plasters.

What makes MasterPel 707 a unique solution?

MasterPel 707 produces water tight concrete by capillaries breaking technics.

What are the features and benefits of MasterPel 707?

  • Provides resistance to water penetration either under hydrostatic pressure or capillary absorption.
  • Increased durability.
  • Reduced sulphate attack.
  • Reduced efflorescence.
  • Improved cohesion, reduce segregation.
  • Pumpabiity of concrete is greatly improved.
  • Improved surface finish.
  • Reduced shrinkage cracks in plasters
  • Do not reduce compressive strengths
  • Liquid – easy to use.
  • Low dosage – Economical

MasterPel 707

Liquid admixture for concrete to achieve high resistance to water ingress


MasterPel 707 SDS

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MasterPel 707: Technical Data Sheet (Version 2)

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MasterPel 725 SDS

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MasterPel 793 SDS

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