MasterRoc SLP 1 - Liquid polymer for soil conditioning in tunnel boring machines

How does MasterRoc SLP 1 work?

MasterRoc SLP 1 is a lubricating polymer in liquid form, that is used to enhance the performance of MasterRoc SLP foam products under difficult ground conditions, e.g. ground containing fine sand, silt, or clay with high water content. It is used where the water content in the soil increases and foam alone is inadequate to modify the soil properties. MasterRoc SLP 1 liquid polymer has been specifically developed for soil conditioning with shielded TBM excavation. It has excellent performance in restructuring the soil, and is effective in tackling water problems in ground containing fine sand, silt or clay.

Recommended for use in:

  • Poorly-graded and saturated ground in Earth-Pressure Balance (EPB) shield machines
  • Soil conditioning in EPB shield machines

What are the unique features of MasterRoc SLP 1?

  • Creates plastic deformation properties in the soil which provide an even and controlled support pressure and increased face stability
  • Lowers inner friction and abrasiveness of the soil at the cutterhead through to the screw conveyor. This reduces power consumption and wear to the tools
  • Requires no mixing equipment (ready-to-use)
  • Doses easily and quantity adjusts easily to suit the prevailing soil conditions

What are the benefits of MasterRoc SLP 1?

  • Reduces permeability and increases sealing at the face
  • Increases cohesion of coarse, clean sands and gravels for smoother soil extraction
  • Strengthens viscosity enhancing effect, turning wet soil into a more manageable consistency
  • Helps the formation of the “plug” when injected directing into the screw conveyor

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Injection brochure (global version dated Aug 2013)

pdf (2.91 Mb)

Injection brochure: Solutions for underground construction

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MasterRoc FLC 100 SDS

pdf (126.28 Kb)

MasterRoc FLC 100 SDS

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MasterRoc FLC: Technical Data Sheet (ref.: M’Roc FLC/01/0313)

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