MasterSeal 910- Water swelling waterbar for joints


How does MasterSeal 910 work?

When in contact with water the MasterSeal 910 Waterbars will slowly increase in volume (swell) without changing the homogeneous structure of the polymer matrix. The increase in volume by the swelling action can be up to 200% (depending on type of water). The pressure of the swelling action will cause the MasterSeal 910 Waterbar to profile itself exactly into the joint filling all cavities and effectively stopping water seepage, even at high external water pressure.

The MasterSeal 910 Waterbars will not transport water through their polymer matrix and thus not act as a capillary duct. The swelling action is limited to the sides exposed to water.

Recommended uses:

MasterSeal 910 Waterbar is suitable for all construction joints subject to hydrostatic pressure, on one or both sides. MasterSeal 910 provide simple but efficient waterproofing of construction joints.

What makes MasterSeal 910 a unique solution?

MasterSeal 910 is a hydro-swelling waterbar, ready for installation in construction joints to render the joints leak proof. It is based on specially designed polymer composite that acts by undergoing reversible swelling on exposure to water to form an effective seal.

What are the features and benefits of MasterSeal 910?

MasterSeal 910 is based on a newly developed polymer technology providing flexible polymer composites which have high chemical resistance capable of storing water in their molecular structure by increasing their volume.

MasterSeal 910 provides simple but efficient waterproofing of construction joints. Movements in the joint, e.g. by shrinkage or settlement in the substrate, are taken up by the elastic profile of the MasterSeal 910 Waterbar. MasterSeal 910 has been successfully employed to waterproof joints where an opening of up to 5mm was deliberately created. Water pressure of up to 5 bar was sealed.

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MasterSeal 122 BK neutral SDS

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