MasterLife CI 222

Corrosion-inhibiting admixture

Formerly: Rheocrete 222+

How does MasterLife CI 222 work?

MasterLife CI 222 admixture is a patented state-of-the-art corrosion-inhibiting admixture formulated to inhibit the corrosion of steel in reinforced concrete. MasterLife CI 222 admixture provides two levels of corrosion protection, making it the most effective corrosion-inhibiting admixture available.

MasterLife CI 222 admixture meets ASTM C 494/C 494M requirements for Type S, Specific Performance, admixtures.

Recommended uses:

  • All types of reinforced concrete, including precast/Prestressed and post-tensioned applications
  • Parking garages, bridge decks, marine structures, slabs, floors and other reinforced concrete applications requiring corrosion protection against chlorides from de-icing salts or marine exposure

What are the unique features of MasterLife CI 222?

  • Inhibits corrosion at its most critical points
  • Reduces the rate at which chlorides and moisture enter the concrete
  • Adsorbs onto the reinforcing steel to form a corrosion-resistant protective film

What are the benefits of MasterLife CI?

  • Extended service life of reinforced concrete structures
  • Premium corrosion protection by slowing the ingress of chlorides and moisture into the concrete and forming a strong, durable protective film on the reinforcing steel
  • Effective in cracked concrete where the elements that cause corrosion have direct access to the reinforcing steel
  • Increased sulfate resistance
  • Normal set product that is easily used in elevated temperatures

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