MasterProtect H 107

Water-based, silane/siloxane, water-repellent sealer

Formerly: Enviroseal 7

How does MasterProtect H 107 work?

MasterProtect H 107 is a clear, water-based, silane/siloxane sealer for protecting a wide variety of vertical surfaces. It provides a cost-effective solution for protecting substrates from water and the elements.

Recommended uses:

  • Vertical
  • Interior or exterior
  • Above grade

What are the unique features of MasterProtect H 107?

  • Water-based
  • Breathable
  • Transparent, non-staining
  • Easy to apply
  • Water-repellent
  • Cost effective

What are the benefits of MasterProtect H 107?

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Allows interior moisture to escape
  • Does not alter surface appearance
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Extends the life of buildings
  • Provides durable performance at an affordable cost

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