MasterRheobuild 1000

High-range water-reducing admixture

Formerly: Rheobuild 1000

How does MasterRheobuild 1000 work?

MasterRheobuild 1000 high-range, water-reducing admixture is formulated to produce rheoplastic concrete. Rheoplastic concrete flows easily, maintaining high plasticity for time periods longer than conventional super-plasticized concrete. Rheoplastic concrete has the low water-cementitious materials ratio of no-slump concrete, providing excellent engineering (hardened) properties. The slump-retention characteristics of rheoplastic concrete permit the addition of MasterRheobuild 1000 admixture at the batch plant. MasterRheobuild 1000 admixture meets ASTM C 494/C 494M requirements for Type A, water-reducing, and Type F, high-range water-reducing, admixtures.

Recommended uses:

  • Concrete where high plasticity, normal-setting characteristics and accelerated strengths are desired
  • Prestressed, precast and ready-mixed concrete applications
  • Civil and mining applications

What are the unique features of MasterRheobuild 1000?

Plastic State:

  • Range of 8-11 in. (200-280 mm)
  • Extended slump retention
  • Controlled set times
  • Cohesive and non-segregating
  • Minimal bleed water
  • Hardened State
  • Higher earlier strengths than can be achieved with conventional high-range water reducers
  • Increased ultimate compressive strength
  • Higher modulus of elasticity
  • Improved bond strength to steel
  • Low permeability
  • High durability
  • Reduced shrinkage and creep
  • Highly reliable in-place structural integrity

What are the benefits of MasterRheobuild 1000?

  • Less dependence on consolidation energy
  • Job time and cost reduced through higher productivity rates and/or reduced labor
  • Early strength allows for accelerated construction methods, resulting in completion dates ahead of schedule
  • Engineering specification changes can allow for greater limits on the free-fall of concrete, lift heights, concrete temperatures and potential economic mixture adjustments

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