Underground construction solutions

The MasterRoc product range is comprised of market-leading innovations and application expertise for the tunneling and mining industries. Our reliable, customer focused solutions include several outstanding technologies:

  • Sprayed concrete performance enhancers including: accelerators, fibers, slump retainers, and plasticizers.
  • Sprayable bonded waterproofing membranes that form a unique and integral part of composite tunnel lining designs.
  • Injection and membrane technologies delivering safety, economy and performance to the mining and tunneling industries.
  • Leading range of chemical technologies that ensures the safe and economical operation of tunnel boring machines.

What makes MasterRoc a unique solution for customers?

The MasterRoc product range is designed to be a single source for all of our customers’ underground construction needs. In addition to a wide range of products, our globally connected team assists our customers in selecting the right products and systems, providing the best, most cost-effective and complete solutions based on innovation and technology, allowing our customers to operate successfully and to the highest safety standards.

Global underground construction expertise

The MasterRoc product range, supported by BASF’s global underground construction experts, is a world leader in the provision of reliable solutions that are focused on the needs of tunneling and mining engineers, owners and contractors. By connecting with our customers from project start-up, we provide solutions ranging from product selection to training and application consultancy.

MasterRoc Products

TBM Chemistries

MasterRoc ACP 127 (formerly: Rheosoil 127) – anti-clay polymer for earth-pressure balance TBM

MasterRoc BSG 1 (formerly: Meyco BSG 1) – excluder sealant for TBMs to protect main bearing and
      prevent water, soil or dust entrance into the main bearing sealing

MasterRoc EPB 11 (formerly: Meyco EPB 11) – lithium-based EP2 grease for TBM main bearing
     lubrication, screw conveyor drive assembly and rotary swivel drive

MasterRoc SLF 47 (formerly: Meyco SLF 47) – highly eco-compatible polymer-reinforced foaming
     agent; designed for soil conditioning in tunnel boring machines

MasterRoc SLP 1 (formerly: Meyco SLF P1) – liquid lubricating polymer, enhances the performance
     of MasterRoc SLP foam products under difficult ground conditions

MasterRoc SLP 2 (formerly SLF P2) - liquid polymer is used to enhance the performance of the
     MasterRoc foaming products in difficult ground conditions

MasterRoc TSG 6 (formerly: Meyco TSG 6) – tail sealant to seal the gap between shielded TBMs and
     concrete segments to prevent ingress of soil, water or grout

MasterRoc TSG 7 (formerly: Meyco TSG 7) – initial fill, tail sealant for gaps between shielded TBMs,
     concrete segments to prevent ingress of soil, water, grout


MasterRoc FLC 100 (formerly: Meyco Flowcable) – grout additive for stabilization, protection of
     post-tensioned cables, full encapsulation of mine rock anchors

Injection Systems

MasterRoc MP 309 (formerly Meyco MP 309) - is a highly reactive two-component acrylic
     grouting resin with a low viscosity for good penetration

MasterRoc MP 355 (formerly: Meyco MP 355) – is a highly reactive, two-component polyurethane
     injection resin for stopping rapid water flow and ground stabilization

MasterRoc MP 364 Flex (formerly: Meyco MP 364 Flex) – is a highly reactive, 2-component
     fire-resistant polyurea-silicate injection resin; rapid strata consolidations

MasterRoc MP 650 (formerly: Meyco Rheocem 650) – microfine portland cement designed for
     injection into and penetration of tight joints in rock and soil

Sprayed Concrete Chemistries

MasterRoc SA 160 (formerly: Meyco SA 160) – alkali-free, liquid high-performance set accelerator
     for sprayed concrete and grout in tunnels and mines

MasterRoc SA 430 (formerly: Meyco SA 430) – liquid high-performance sprayed concrete
     accelerator for wet-mix spraying in tunnels and mines


MasterRoc ACP 127

MasterRoc BSG 1

MasterRoc EPB 11

MasterRoc FLC 100

MasterRoc MP 309