Precast / Prestressed Concrete Producers

Optimized concrete mixes, reduced costs, superior finish

To remain competitive, precast/prestressed concrete producers must constantly seek to improve quality, increase productivity and reduce costs within tight production schedules.

Precast/prestressed concrete producers have come to increasingly rely on innovative Master Builders Solutions admixture technology developed by BASF – as well as one-on-one customer support. Our innovations bring value, help increase production efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve the aesthetics, strength and durability of precast concrete.

To date, self-consolidating concrete (SCC) has made the largest impact on the daily operations of precast/prestressed concrete producers. With SCC utilizing high-range water-reducing admixtures and viscosity-modifying admixtures from BASF, producers can achieve high-fluidity, enhanced stability, higher strengths and other unique properties not available with conventional SCC.

Precast/prestressed producers can also benefit from BASF's range of:

MasterFiber products for enhancing the durability of precast/prestressed concrete by reducing
     crack width typically due to plastic shrinkage, long-term drying shrinkage and thermal changes

MasterFinish admixtures to assist in the striking of forms and molds, and enhance the concrete’s
     surface finish and aesthetics

MasterColor liquid coloring admixtures for architectural colored concrete

Project delays can be extremely costly, which is why we complement our product offering with one-on-one customer support. Through our technical and site support services, we work to anticipate and overcome challenges before they occur by selecting the appropriate customized product solution for increased production efficiency and speed of construction.

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Read more about BASF Master Builders Solutions products:

MasterFiber: crack control fibers

MasterFinish: concrete surface and finish enhancing admixtures

MasterGlenium: high-range water-reducing admixtures

MasterKure: curing agents

MasterLife: corrosion resistant admixtures

MasterPolyheed: non-chloride, mid-range water-reducing admixtures

MasterRheobuild: high-range water-reducing admixtures with rheoplastic properties

MasterSet: concrete setting-time adjusters


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