Ready-Mixed Producers

Optimized concrete admixtures, enhanced durability, ground-breaking innovations

Strength, durability and placeability are at the forefront of challenges faced by ready mixed concrete producers as well as the need for concrete that is aesthetically pleasing, more sustainable and safer to use.

Under the Master Builders Solutions brand from BASF we supply a full range of technologically advanced concrete admixtures for the ready mix industry that meet industry codes and meet or exceed the demands of challenging construction applications and adverse placement conditions.

Our broad-based product solutions provide added value, such as admixtures that increase the service life of concrete, speed of construction, environmental efficiency and liquid coloring products for aesthetically pleasing architectural concrete.

Project delays can be extremely costly, which is why we complement our product offering with one-on-one customer support. Through our technical and site support services, we work to anticipate and overcome challenges before they occur by selecting the appropriate custom-based product solution for increased production efficiency and speed of construction.

Read about BASF Master Builders Products:

MasterAir: air-entraining admixtures

MasterCell: density reducing admixtures

MasterColor: color and finish enhancing admixtures

MasterFiber: crack control fibers

MasterFinish: concrete surface and finish enhancing admixtures

MasterGlenium: high-range water-reducing admixures

MasterKure: curing agents

MasterLife: corrosion resistant admixtures

MasterMatrix: self-consolidating concrete admixtures

MasterPel: water resistant, efflorescence-controlling admixtures

MasterPolyheed: non-chloride, mid-range water-reducing admixtures

MasterPozzolith: water-reducing admixtures for lower strength concrete

MasterRheobuild: high-range water-reducing admixtures with rheoplastic properties

MasterSet: concrete setting-time adjusters

MasterSure: slump retention technology for concrete