Agency Approvals

BASF actively obtains and maintains approvals for its products with government agencies.

NSF International

NSF International certifies products and writing standards for food, water and consumer goods to help protect consumers. As an independpent, not-for-profit organization, the goal is ongoing public health and a safer living environment.

Click here to view the NSF Product and Services listing by state for BASF

The following products are NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Approved. Click on a name below for product information.

MasterAir AE 90MasterPolyheed 997MasterSet R 961
MasterAir AE 200MasterPozzolith 200MasterSure Z 60
MasterAir VR 10MasterPozzolith 700
MasterGlenium 3030MasterRheobuild 1000
MasterGlenium 3400MasterSet AC 534
MasterGlenium 7500MasterSet DELVO
MasterGlenium 7700MasterSet R 100
MasterLife 300DMasterSet R 122


BASF supports the NTPEP and have had the following admixtures tested as part of the Concrete Admixtures (CADD) project to evaluate chemical admixtures for use in concrete. Below are the products tested with links to the product information.

MasterAir AE 90MasterMatrix 33MasterSet DELVO
MasterAir AE 200MasterMatrix VMA 358MasterSet FP 20
MasterAir VR 10MasterMatrix VMA 362MasterSet R 100
MasterGlenium 3030MasterMatrix VMA 450MasterSet R 122
MasterGlenium 3400MasterPolyheed 900MasterSet R 961
MasterGlenium 7500MasterPolyheed 997MasterSure Z 60
MasterGlenium 7700MasterPozzolith 200
MasterLife 300DMasterPozzolith 700
MasterLife CI 30MasterRheobuild 1000
MasterMatrix UW 450MasterSet AC 534