Research & Development – enabling innovations.

BASF is one of the world's most innovative companies. Innovations are the basis for future profitable growth and thus lie at the core of our competitiveness.

Approximately 10,500 employees are engaged in research and development in about 3,000 projects at approximately 70 locations around the world. In 2012, we invested about €1.7 billion in R&D activities.

As part of BASF’s comprehensive global R&D network, experts focusing on construction chemicals are combining global BASF technologies with in-depth knowledge of local market needs, to develop solutions for our customers’ specific construction challenges.

We create innovative products and solutions, which offer benefits across the complete life cycle of buildings and other constructions:

Construction Phase:

Higher productivity

Faster progress

Lower overall costs

Lower consumption of natural resources

Higher energy efficiency

Improved health protection & safety

Use Phase:

Extended service life

Lower life cycle costs

Higher performance and functionality

Higher safety and comfort

R&D Sites:

One of the core R&D sites for construction chemicals is located in Trostberg, Germany. This site has a tradition in chemistry of more than 100 years and is the place where the first concrete superplasticizer – Melment – was successfully developed.

The main R&D focus in Trostberg is on polymer-inorganic material interactions, where this can be for cementitious powder products, concrete admixtures, cement additives, or related segments.

Further global R&D labs include:

Kaisten (Switzerland) – development and global technical support for cementitious systems for the underground construction segment

Shanghai – research and development on resin based materials for waterproofing, performance flooring, repair & protection, underground construction, or related segments

Regional R&D labs:


Beachwood, Ohio (USA) – Admixtures, Additives, Dispersions, and Cementitious Materials

Shakopee, Minnesota (USA) – Resins


Augsburg (Germany) – Cementitious Materialsand Dispersions

Treviso (Italy) – Admixtures and Additives

Sinzheim (Germany) – Wood protection

Redditch (England) – Performance Flooring

Schaffhausen/Oldenburg – Performance Flooring and Waterproofing

Middle East, Russia, Africa

Dubai (UAE) – Admixtures, Cementitious Materials, Resins

Asia Pacific

Shanghai – Admixtures, Additives, Dispersions, Cementitious Materials, and Resins.