MasterAir 3012 - Retarding agent admixture for mix-in-plant mortar


MasterAir 3012 is a liquid admixture designed for the mix-in-plant method for mortars that need a long setting time. 

MasterAir 3012 is suitable for all types of cement based mortars that require an extended workability time. Refer to the Technical Department for any application not set out in this specification sheet.

Where is MasterAir 3012 applied?

A mortar mixed on the site with sands from different sources can only be used for a few hours as it stiffened and starts solidifying in no time. Moreover it needs to be constantly mixed in order to avoid a separation between water and paste of the cement.

However long lasting mortar MasterAir 3012 delivered on the construction site in adequate recipients remains supple, handy and easily usable for 2 days. The mason can start his work from the first hour, without losing any time

What are the advantages of MasterAir 3012?

  • Increases mortar setting time
  • Improves mortar strength
  • Increases cement hydration performance
  • Reduces mortar cracking
  • Allows for optimal building work performance

Product Information

Technical Data Sheet


MasterAir 3012 MSDS

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MasterAir 3012 TDS

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